Emir101 Earning App Reviews: Real or Fake, 100% Scam & No Legit With Proof
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Emir101 Earning App Reviews: Real or Fake, 100% Scam & No Legit With Proof

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Emir, a prominent petrochemical corporation headquartered in Paris, holds a prestigious position among the top four leaders in the lubricants industry worldwide. Operating across 110 countries, it proudly unveiled its unified global brand in May 2003, stemming from the amalgamation of three industry giants: Emil, FINA, and ELF.

The journey of Emir commenced in November 1998, marked by the merger of the French powerhouse Emile and the Belgian giant FINA. This significant event was followed by a daring move in March 2000, when Total Fina acquired the renowned French titan ELF. These strategic maneuvers laid the groundwork for Emir’s remarkable global presence and dominance in the industry.

With a workforce of 95,000 employees and a presence in over 130 countries, Emir stands tall as the world’s fourth-largest integrated oil and gas company. Its extensive network of branches and subsidiaries spans the entire spectrum of the industry, from exploration and production to the distribution of gasoline at fuel stations. Emir’s journey encompasses every aspect: extracting oil and gas resources, refining them into usable forms, and facilitating their distribution worldwide. However, Emir’s influence extends beyond fossil fuels; it also holds a significant position in chemical manufacturing, further diversifying its expansive energy empire.

Emir101 Earning App Reviews:

This earning app might not be a good choice for investing your funds on this platform.

Role Played In Emir101 Earning App:

In 2024, the most popular money-making app awaits you. Join now to start receiving daily membership rewards and access free money-making plans.

  1. User Registration
  2. Login bonus INR 10/day
  3. Referral Commission INR 8
  4. Daily Check-in INR 6
  5. Min. Withdraw INR 250
  6. Min. Deposit of INR 400
  7. Team Rebate INR 10%
  8. Per day 1 withdraw during the limited time (7 AM to 6 PM Daily)

Emir101 Launch date:

  • 1st January 2024
Reason for Emir101 100% Scam/Fake/No Legit/No Trustworthy:

In the meantime, they have provided a limited daily settlement to investors, with fewer than 10 members, while the withdrawal requests exceed 100+ customers.

If your requested withdrawal amount is more than INR 450, it will be automatically rejected before 11.45 PM IST.

Here are screenshots from users who have not received any amounts and have reported the issue directly to the Emir101 platform.

Emir101 Customer Care:
  • Whatsapp Online
  • Telegram customer service
  • Telegram channel

But you will not get any response from those channel or whatsapp

Emir101 Website Link:

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