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Since, we are into step from 2019, Kingtechiz was founded by Kingston A.

Kingston A is theFounder of Kingtechiz

Kingston A is the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Kingtechiz.

Kingston A is the Co-Founder of Kingtechiz.

At Kingtechiz, more than 10 plus of employees are there with different roles in our organization and we are experts in making quality lead generation for all industries.

We are the Software Listing Company providing traffic and lead gen to vendor directly. At this time we have started low level of revenue.

Kingtechiz is located in India and we work for other countries too.

Kingtechiz provides services for the following list: Listing Software B2B, B2C, PHP Scripts, and services includes Web Design and Digital Marketing etc for more…

Both Buyer and Seller listed their companies around 1000+

Kingtechiz aims to develop more business with client satisfaction for lead generation.

You can find anywhere in Google or other third party sites

We don’t split our team; We work together to lead the company to grow up in business to the next level.

Kingtech is the right place for you, because we focus on building an culture of innovation and an excellent thinking team, which results in value creation.

We were updating the current vacancy on the career page.

The prices mentioned are for the category. We will provide you priority listing on multiple pages which include sub-categories

If there are multiple companies who have opted for the same level of sponsorship then their rankings will depend upon who have initially started campaign first will be the high preference.
For more information on the pricing plans, you may reach here
-> info (at) kingtechiz (dot) com or Kingtechiez (at) gmail (dot) com