MilesWeb's cPanel- Managed VPS vs Cloud Server Hosting? The Right Choice
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MilesWeb’s cPanel – Managed VPS vs Cloud Server Hosting? The Right Choice

MilesWeb's cPanel - Managed VPS vs Cloud Server Hosting? The Right Choice
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The difference between VPS and cloud hosting is the main thing that web hosting account users must consider while looking to host business-related websites and applications. Choosing the right web hosting services is essential for scaling your online presence. Thus, you can get bare metal servers by MilesWeb to make your online business successful and take a secure path to build your online credibility.

However, in this fast-paced web hosting technologies  there are other web hosting infrastructures also available for providing a top-notch web hosting infrastructure. Cloud server hosting is also a reliable web hosting option that takes your online business to the next level. To get  cloud hosting services, you can opt for cloud hosting services by MilesWeb for optimal services. MilesWeb is the leading web hosting services provider offering  good quality web hosting services with features like cPanel, managed support and others.

Now, in the longer run, which kind of web hosting services is helpful? Cloud web hosting and cPanel Managed VPS web hosting services? Our blog post gives you the answer to the same. Keep reading to know and understand.

What is cPanel- Managed VPS?

Managed VPS server, Virtual Private Servers leverage the virtualization technology. In MilesWeb, there are different Linux VPS web hosting services. And to manage web files, FTP accounts and other web projects, you required a control panel. This is where the  cPanel control Panel come into the existence with a user-friendly interface.

When it comes cPanel managed VPS, you will get a virtual server in a physical server with the independent CPU, RAM, and bandwidth.

In this hosting type, a powerful server is divided into different virtual servers with independent serve resources. So, In simple words you can say that a VPS server is related to the dedicated web hosting infrastructure.

Hence, users are getting a private space for them to host web applications, unlike VPN, won’t share your data and files with any other users or team members because it separates your files from other users on the OS level. If you’re running a small enterprise with a limited budget, VPS can work perfectly for you at a lower price.

What is Cloud Server Hosting?

After reading more about managed cPanel VPS web hosting servers. It is time to discuss something about cloud web hosting server. Cloud web hosting services is a type of web hosting service where a cluster of interconnected cloud servers  host’s resource-intensive websites applications.

This kind of web hosting service is helpful when there is a requirement of hosting websites with no concerns of server failure or downtime. Cloud hosting servers are connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosting the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability. Are you looking for a top-notch cloud server? Want to scale up your business anytime and anywhere, then cloud hosting is the smartest move. 

What are major differences between cPanel managed VPS and Cloud Hosting Servers?

1. Performance


With the VPS hosting services, you have virtual resources, low traffic and speed, and static websites. VPS hosting servers usually have a good performance because they use a dedicated amount of server resources on a physical server. On this type of web hosting server the original machine won’t allow you to get more out of the resources. Also, if the physical server fails to host websites and applications, you have to wait till the technical issues get solved.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting service  are the best web hosting infrastructure of all websites that want multiple servers on one network.  Many enterprises can use this web hosting infrastructure to host websites without worrying about technical infrastructure and resources. One server fails then other one will continue to run the hosting operations.

2.      Pricing


As compared to the dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting plans are affordable. As far as the server resources are concerned, dedicated resources will be there in virtual servers. Get the storage space, Bandwidth, RAM, and CPU strength. MilesWeb’s cPanel VPS web hosting services will cost you around Rs. 630 per month.

Cloud hosting

Cloud web hosting has some extra web hosting features than VPS so it is not hidden that the service cost will also be higher. MilesWeb’s cloud hosting services starts at Rs. 4,160 per month. So, you can say that VPS web hosting servers win the battle in the pricing structure.

3. Customization


Customizing VPS servers are an easy task that make web hosting account users to prefer this web hosting service and let you configure with the resource management, firewall setting, and choosing the operating system. It enables you to customize and configure your server partition as you wish.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting servers are a challenging part to customize. You need to have different servers like dedicated severs, VPS servers and others that have a customization facility.

Final Words

MilesWeb is the leading cPanel managed VPS web hosting services with all features. They also give cloud hosting services. It is upto you to choose the right web hosting service. Pick the reliable web hosting company and scale your online presence effectively. 

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