How to Pay Less for Google Ads Advertising in 2024
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How to Pay Less for Google Ads Advertising in 2024

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In today’s world, where convenience and efficiency are integral to our daily lives, bank cards are a necessity. Payment services allow us to optimize our spending, making it more convenient and controllable. No more carrying cash or worrying about losing your wallet. Connect your card to a payment service for secure and instant transactions, anytime and anywhere.

In addition, many payment services offer cashback benefits, allowing you to receive a portion of your spending back into your account. This makes every purchase not only convenient but also profitable. You can accumulate cashback and use it for future purchases or enjoy the extra savings.

Bank cards can serve as effective personal financial management tools. To maximize benefits and tailor spending to individual needs, it is possible to choose cards from different banks or services.

Virtual cards are a useful solution for both personal and professional use. Are you a blogger, an influencer or do you work in advertising?

Do you want to reduce your Google Ads advertising costs? Virtual cards are an innovative solution that can help you pay less for your advertising campaigns. In this article, we will take a look at a few services that offer the best virtual cards to be your trusted partner in the advertising world in 2024.


Certainly, PSTNET is the top service for providing reliable and convenient virtual cards for Google Ads and beyond. This helps efficiently and cost-effectively manage finances.

The main advantages of using PSTNET are: 

– 0% transaction fees,

– 0% card withdrawal fees,

– 0% commission for rejected payments.

– 0% commission for transactions on blocked cards.

PSTNET offers the PST Private programme, which provides 3% cashback on all ad spend and up to 100 free cards per month. Additionally, new users can receive up to 50% off their first month.

The service offers reliable and convenient virtual cards for advertising and other purposes. Signing up is easy using your email, password, or social media accounts such as Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Apple. The initial card is accessible without documentation, and subsequent cards only require simple verification.

PSTNET offers a wide range of premium BINs (bank identification numbers) from banks in the US and Europe, with over 25 BINs available. This makes PSTNET virtual cards an excellent option for advertising on platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter, Bing, and others.

The service provides various card options with different conditions, including cards that require SMS code confirmation for transactions. The codes are sent to your personal account and the Telegram bot, which enhances the security and convenience of using the cards.

PSTNET also boasts a responsive support team, @PST_support, available daily to assist with any queries or issues.

Convenient deposit methods include cryptocurrencies, Visa/Mastercard, and bank transfers. You can withdraw your funds in USDT easily.

PSTNET provides additional collaboration features, including team membership management, role assignment, limit settings, recharge request system, reports, and more. The service prioritizes your security and offers an advanced two-factor authorization system and a Telegram bot for service notifications.

Additionally, PSTNET has a referral programme that rewards users for reviews and referrals.


The second service is Mybrocard It provides trusted virtual cards for ads and online payments. Brocards come with 3D Secure support and ready to use immediately. 

 What are their advantages:

–       cards are seamlessly integrated with accounts on different platforms. They have over 25 BINs in various GEOs. You can choose the appropriate BIN that suits your setup;

–        Your GEOs will be available in USA, Colombia, Estonia and Hong Kong; 

–       Their cards are designed for payment of advertising, related tools and services, as well as for payment of any online purchases and service payments (taxi, hotels, flights).

–       You can deposit funds through bank transfer via the WIRE system or use the USDT cryptocurrency in TRC20 or ERC20 formats to top up your balance.

Flexcard Cards

FlexCard is a platform that provides virtual card services to facilitate online transactions. It is designed for users who require virtual cards for online purchases, advertising campaigns, and other digital services. 

Key features include:

–       provision of virtual cards for various online transactions;

–       transactions and provide specialized support through various channels, including contact information and a Telegram channel;

–       Using SSL certification to ensure the security of online interactions and data protection.

In conclusion, utilizing virtual card services is a secure and convenient method of making purchases. However, certain services, such as PSTNET, provide not only safety and convenience but also additional benefits in the form of cashback. By selecting such a service, you can receive not only fraud protection but also additional rewards for your purchases. Do not miss the opportunity to combine comfort, security, and financial benefits. 

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