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Mascu Brothers Com: We Confirmed 100% Scam & Fake With Proof

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Mascubrothers emerges as a prominent cruise brand, originating from the UK and spearheading lead solutions in the global market. Recently introduced on July 22nd, 2023, in the online marketplace, it promises a fresh and innovative approach to cruising experiences.

Role Played In Mascubrothers:

  1. User Registration
  2. Referral Commission
  3. Min. Withdraw INR 300
  4. Min. Deposit of INR 500
  5. 10% Commission fee of transaction
  6. Per day 1 withdraw during the limited time (7 Am to 6 PM Daily)

Reason for Mascubrothers Scam/Fake:

During this period, they offer a restricted settlement to investors on a daily basis, catering to fewer than 15 members, while receiving withdrawal requests from over 100 customers.

If your withdrawal request exceeds INR 5000, it will be automatically rejected before 11:45 PM IST.

Below are screenshots from users who have not received any funds, directly reflecting on the Mascubrothers platform.

Mascubrothers are 100% Scam and Fake:

Investors Don’t Do This With Mascubrothers

  • Don’t invest amount on Mascubrothers
  • You will get only first withdrawal amount to your bank account
  • 2nd time you will not get any amount
  • They have a lot of alternative websites once if the website getting blocked
  • You will not get money more than 500 INR for withdraw

They have blocked the entire data and there is no proper support.

Screenshot of Investors on Mascubrothers:

Snap 1: Investor must need to notify this below screenshot

Customer Snap 2:

Investor Snap 3:

Loser Snap 4:

Snap 5:

Website Link – Click here

Final Thoughts:

Don’t Waste Your Money on & Don’t loose Your Money

Note: Pass this link to your friends, family, relatives and share to other members. We are helping customers not to invest like this platform.

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