Considerations When Choosing An Access Control System For Your Business
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Considerations When Choosing An Access Control System For Your Business

Access Control System For Your Business

44% of office workers agreed that the pandemic had highlighted the need for improvements regarding access control. If you’re considering investing in access control for your business, you need to know what to look for and what’s available in the modern access control sphere.

What are the top considerations when choosing an access control system for your business? Keep reading about different access control offerings and why they may benefit your business and adapt to your building’s unique requirements.

Is The Solution Scalable?

When choosing a commercial security door for your business, you need to know that the system is scalable. Many companies operate across two floors of a building or two different locations. It could be that your site is made up of many other facilities. In this case, you need a scalable solution. 

To ensure security is cohesive across your many different on-site locations, you should invest in a wireless security system. Connecting your security tools via wire systems will be more challenging and require much more planning. So, if you need a scalable solution, you should look for a cloud-enabled security system.

Additionally, if you are running a large business, high volumes of foot traffic will move through your building daily. If this is the case, you need a security system that will give your users more convenience and won’t cause building operations to slow down. For busy buildings and facilities, it’s best to opt for a touchless access control system. 

Touchless access control provides users with a more hygienic way to enter the building, and it allows users to enter on the first attempt. Your users can enter the building without a key – instead, they can use mobile access credentials. They can simply wave their hand over the access reader device when they need to enter. 

Once the reader detects this motion, it will communicate remotely with its mobile device to permit entry. The device uses WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular communication simultaneously to ensure access on the first attempt and minimize the risk of a communication failure. The system provides a more hygienic entry method by allowing the user to enter without touching a button or keypad.

Does The Solution Integrate With Other Security Tools?

Your building will need more than just access control to establish adequate security. However, hosting your security solutions on several disparate platforms will make the security management process less efficient and user-friendly for your security staff. You would benefit more from creating a fully-integrated system in which all security information is held on a single unified platform.

When you invest in a cloud-based security system with open API integrations, you gain the ability to build and enhance your security system with integrations like desk booking software for hybrid work models. Below are a few integrations you might need for your business’ security strategy.


Surveillance is essential to deter crime on your property and to provide evidence if a crime does occur. Surveillance can also help you minimize the risks of stolen access credentials when integrated with access control. Integrating management with access control can verify user identity and ensure unauthorized users cannot simply steal access credentials and use them to enter the building.

You could invest in a video intercom reader for identity verification to streamline your security tools. The intercom device contains an access control reader and a high-definition video camera to provide surveillance and access control in a single solution. The security data from both tools will be readily available on a single interface, allowing for simple and user-friendly identity verification.

Visitor Management

Visitor management software is integrated with access control to automate the visitor management process and provide more accurate visitor logs. Maintaining accurate visitor logs will help your business with any track and trace processes and allow you to identify the perpetrator if a crime occurs on-site.

Visitors must complete a digital form on their mobile devices to enter the building. Completing the form will grant them temporary access credentials to enter the building. Once they leave, the system signs them out and removes the access key from their device. Visitor management removes the manual effort in the visitor management process for more efficiency and accuracy. 

Is The System Cloud-Based, On-Premise, Or Hybrid?

In addition to considering scalability and integration potential, you must consider whether you need an on-premise or cloud-based security system. An on-premise system provides more company reliability, offering backup security and ensuring your system is always operational. However, on-premise systems require wiring and continuous management throughout their lifespan, which makes them a less convenient solution.

Cloud-based solutions offer remote management, allowing system administrators to access security information and operate security features from any location. Additionally, cloud-based systems can be updated over the air, meaning you can troubleshoot your system and update it without waiting for a service engineer to visit your site.

You could consider investing in a hybrid solution that provides security hardware and cloud-based features to maximize convenience for companies to benefit from both cloud-based and on-premise solutions.

Ensure Compliance

Before choosing an access control system for your business, you must ensure that it meets industry standards and complies with cybersecurity regulations. Once you have implemented the solution, you still need to assess and monitor compliance standards to ensure you stay on top of your compliance requirements.


Before investing in an access control solution for your business, you must understand your needs completely. You need to assess what kind of security system would be best suited to your site’s layout and which security system would offer scalability. Adequate security should not come at the expense of the user’s convenience, and it should be easy to maintain.

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